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More than just a Referrals System


A Data-Driven Dental Triage and Referrals Platform for the 21st Century


Connecting healthcare professionals seamlessly to support them in delivering the highest quality specialist dental care 

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 A Data-Driven Dental Triage and Referrals Platform

How it Works

"Captures the Entire Episode of Care"

The Dental Triage and Referrals Platform captures the entire episode of care; from referral to triage to treatment


Supporting visibility over patient journeys and collaboration between healthcare professionals like never before

"Intelligent Triage"

Intelligent Triage automatically shows specialist providers for each referral type, ranked by distance from patient, and real-time appointment availability data 

Optimising triage to match supply and demand for a truly patient-centric service

"Customised, Automated and Codified Data

Codified data captured at each stage of the patient's journey for automated audit, data-driven service design and research

Referral pathways and pilots set up in an instant, with custom dashboards built bespoke according to local requirements

About DT

Built by Dental Professionals

The system was built by dentists with a deep understanding of the unique complexities in dental referrals

It was built for all healthcare professionals interacting with dental care pathways, not just dentists, but medical professionals, emergency services and care professionals .

Following hundreds of hours of research and user testing the system has been built to solve pain points in traditional linear referral pathways, by supporting complete visibility, flexibility and usability  


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